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online stroke recovery programs


Stroke Therapy 


A 12-week online therapy program with a stroke recovery specialist to help you reach your stroke recovery goals.

Stuck Without Therapy?

Are you feeling stuck without proper therapy after your stroke? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many stroke survivors face the challenge of being discharged from therapy long before their recovery is complete due to insurance limitations and premature discharges. But there's good news: 

Our Online Stroke Recovery Program is here to help!

Experience our online stroke recovery programs, designed to help you achieve your goals no matter where you are. With our expert evaluation and personalized home exercise programs, you'll experience progress like never before. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to independence. Schedule a call with us today to see if we're the perfect fit for you.

My mission is to serve as a valuable resource for stroke survivors.

stroke recovery specialist

As someone who works in occupational therapy, it pains me to see stroke survivors not receiving the support they need. I know firsthand that insurance companies may not always cover necessary services, and some therapists may use ineffective methods. It can also be hard to find reliable resources online. That's why I'm dedicated to providing a valuable resource for this population.


With my specialization in neuro rehabilitation and my "Certified Neuro Specialist" (CNS) designation, I'm able to share my knowledge and research on stroke recovery through my website and YouTube videos. I hope to make a positive impact on the lives of stroke survivors and their loved ones.

Customized Programs

Our clients receive a customized workout plan that includes visual demonstrations and an exercise log to guarantee proper execution.

Accountability Checks

Our weekly accountability calls provide a safety net, keeping you accountable to your exercise program, and offering continuous encouragement.

Regain Independence

Our focus on improving physical abilities and learning adaptive techniques will help you achieve a more independent lifestyle.

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"My mother lost many of her daily living skills after suffering a very traumatic stroke. Not only was Evan a highly skilled and insightful practitioner, but he had the kindness, encouragement, and empathy to balance all of this out. He had some very key strategies that she uses daily."

- Margo   

Start with a non-sales call

I always tell my clients, I am here for you. And that's a value I strive to withhold. This call is for me to get to know you and your needs and where I can share what I can do to help you. No sales. Just an honest conversation.

Starting online coaching with Stroke Rehab at Home is easy.

If we are a good fit, then here's how to get started:

Schedule an Evaluation

Give me a call so I can learn about your goals and see if we are a right fit for you.

We Meet Online

We will meet over a video call once a week for 12 weeks to help you reach your goals.

Start Making Progress

Work towards your goals every day with our program to regain control of your life.

best stroke exercises


"Evan was such a significant part of my dad's recovery and he worked so wonderfully with him and our family. We are grateful he was able to help and would work with him again."

- Marlene  

Coaching Call


Therapy can be expensive, with out-of-pocket expenses up to $500 for evaluations and $200 per hour for treatment. I offer affordable online coaching to help you lead your own recovery and find the best treatments.

12-Week Program


During our 12-week program, we will meet over a video call once per week to teach you the right exercises for you to help you reach your goals. I will also reach out to you once per week over the phone for 5-10 minutes to check in with you to see how things are going and keep you accountable. You will also have access to me through a private Facebook group with other program participants.

You Will Get:

12 Video Calls

(1 per week)

12 Accountability Calls

(1 per week)

Access to a Private Facebook Group

Stroke Recovery Guide Packet

Customized Exercise Videos for Your Goals

 Exercise Tracking System 

Everyone deserves to live their life independently.

Everyone deserves to live their life independently. All stroke survivors aspire to regain their independence. I understand the challenges you face and the mountain you must climb to achieve that goal. The problem arises when stroke survivors work with therapists lacking up-to-date knowledge on evidence-based stroke recovery research. They may be given inaccurate information, such as the notion that recovery stops after six months. Furthermore, once insurance authorization runs out and therapy is discontinued, survivors are left without direction. This situation leaves stroke survivors feeling stuck and lacking hope. I recognize that the majority of stroke recovery happens at home, which is why understanding the condition, potential complications, and best practices for recovery is crucial. That's why I offer in-home and video-based occupational therapy services specializing in arm and hand, cognitive, and life skills rehabilitation. Using evidence-based interventions and products, I help stroke survivors regain lost function, empowering them to live independently once again. Here's how it works: 1. Schedule a free non-sales consultation call. 2. We'll discuss your needs and determine if we're a good fit. 3. Whether in person or via video call, we'll create a customized home exercise program to help you regain function lost due to stroke.

best stroke exercises

Kickstart Your Recovery:
Claim Your Free Stroke Recovery Guide!

Click the button below to receive a valuable guide on stroke recovery and start your journey towards a fuller recovery.


Stroke Rehab at Home offers evidence-based stroke rehabilitation education and services for stroke survivors.




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