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THC-Free CBD Oil Isolate

CBD can help stroke survivors reduce inflammation in the brain and stimulate the production of specific brain cells that enhance neurogenesis.

Aphasia Recovery Book

A workbook specifically targeted towards stroke survivors working on recovering from aphasia.

Valerian Root

This naturally occurring supplement has been used to treat sleeping disorders for decades. Getting good sleep is helps with recovery.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D can help new brain cells grow and is a great supplement to get started on to maximize your stroke recovery.


Citicoline has been shown in research to reduce the cognitive decline in stroke survivors and promote functional recoveries.

Resveratrol Xtra

Resveratrol prevents secondary damage following a stroke by regulating inflammation and reducing oxidative stress.

Toilet Safety Frame (Fixed)

These bold onto the back of the toilet seat and give a way for the stroke survivor to push up from the toilet. Can just install 1 side.

Tub Transfer Bench

This is an affordable and durable bench to allow the stroke survivor to get in and out of the tub shower while sitting down.

Shower Chair

My top recommended shower chair because it has back support and bars to push up from. Can raise or lower the height too.

Standing Frame

A standing frame has many uses. It can be used to transfer someone or be used to train someone to learn to stand again.

Walker Basket

A walker bag is very useful to avoid carrying items so that both hands can be on the walker for safety. This one is for a rolling walker.

Platform Walker Attach.

This platform can be attached to a rolling walker and will support your hemi arm so that you can still use a rolling walker safely.

Standard Walker

A standard rolling walker that is safer to use for survivors with more balance and weight-bearing troubles.

Ultralight Wheelchair

An ultralight wheelchair is a high-class, lightweight, and easy-to-move wheelchair for those who are independent from the wheelchair.

Knee Brace

A knee brace with hinges can support weak knees during walking to prevent knee hyperextension and promote better gait.

Cushion Lab

This cushion has a cut out around the tailbone and can be useful to reduce pressure and prevent wounds on the tailbone.

Rehab Training Gloves

This glove is a lifesaver for some of my patients. This allows them to grab onto bars and complete bilateral arm training with no grip.


This will help with fine motor coordination, hand manipulation, and some cognitive problem-solving skills.

Pinch Strengthener

These help with improving pinch strengthening, gross motor coordination, and even some fine motor coordination skills.

Stacking Cones

A set of cones is a must for stroke survivors to work on grasp and release skills and gross motor skills for the arm.

Exercise Table

An exercise table can be useful as it is a firm surface to complete weight bearing, stretching, and bilateral arm training exercises on.

Exercise Bike

This arm bike is great for individuals without a shoulder subluxation to perform bilateral arm training exercises.

Aylio Exercise Band Pack

6 FEET LONG x 5 INCHES WIDE - Light, medium and heavy resistance levels provide a wide range of tension from 3 - 35 lbs.

Therapy Putty

Putty is non-toxic and unscented. Designed to increase flexibility, improve strength, decrease stiffness, and relieve joint pain.

Identity Theft

A book about a professor's journey to recovery from a severe stroke that left her unable to speak or move.

Hope After Stroke

A book written by a speech therapist educating about stroke recovery and the process behind it.

Stronger After Stroke

A book that provides simple-to-follow instructions for reaching the highest possible level of recovery

Non-Slip Kitchen Mat

Get this if you have a slippery kitchen floors for reducing fall risk during cooking tasks.

Clever Food Chopper

Support your food on this cutting board to make chopping easy with 1 hand.

Electric Can Opener

An electric can opener can be used with 1 hand and is a must-have tool for stroke survivors.

Button Hook

Make buttoning 1 handed a snap with this button hook.

7-Piece Self Care Kit

A kit of all the commonly used self-care tools for increasing indep with self-care tasks.


Help to grab things out of reach. Especially things off the floors to prevent falling when trying to bend down to pick them up.

Orthomen's AFO

An AFO (ankle foot orthotic) can be useful to reduce foot drop and make it easier to walk. This is one is made out of hard plastic.

Tenbon Ankle Support

A new style of AFO better for those with less spasticity/stiffness in their calf and helps keep foot up during walking.

Genius Cure Cream

Fast Absorption: Our neuropathy cream absorbs quickly and can provide targeted pain relief to your back, neck, knee, hip, shoulders, elbows, joints and muscles. Our Cream may help support the body’s natural healing processes.

HEMP Seed Softgels

EASY TO USE - Hemp Oil Soft Gels don’t have to be refrigerated and have a longer shelf life than hemp oil, plus they’re a convenient way to take hemp oil on the go or while travelling.

Pharvest Hemp Oil

Natural pain relief - Forget about pain! The natural healing power of hemp extract can help you manage pain without relying on pharmaceuticals. It has a deeply effect that comes on within few minutes, softening your pain and making it easier to enjoy life again.

Clear Body Pain Cream

PROVEN PAIN RELIEF - The fast acting, natural hemp cream formula can help provide instant pain relief from back pain, arthritis pain, nerve pain, joint pain, and pain in the shoulders, knees, arms, hands, neck, feet, etc.

Acupressure Roller

This roller uses acupressure with some positive research on pain management and sensory reintegration.

Skil Care Arm Rest

Converts a standard armrest to a stable platform. Arm trough stabilizes arm when resting on the wheelchair armrest. Foam cushioned for comfort and pressure release. Helps stabilize upper trunk through added support. Can be used on either side of the wheelchair. Conveniently slips onto the armrest without straps. Available with a gel pad for additional pressure relief.

SaeboMAS Mini

The SaeboMAS mini (a zero-gravity Mobile Arm Support) provides you freedom to move your arm in any direction despite weakness or spasticity.

Orthomen Hinged Brace

If you have severe bicep spasticity and can't keep your elbow straight, this device can help stretch your arm to prevent contractures.

FightTech Shoulder Brace

A more functional shoulder support for those with a shoulder subluxation.

SaeboStim One

An easy to use and effective form of electrical stimulation to reduce shoulder subulxations.

Saebo Flex

A glove for those with difficulty opening hand. This one is designed more for those with difficult to open hands.

Resting Hand Splint

A resting hand splint for those who have a closed fist and flexed wrist that is difficult to open.

Smart Mirror Box Therapy

This can be used for mirror therapy to improve neuroplasticity in stroke survivors with no movement in their affected arm.

TechCare TENS Unit Plus

TENS unit for pain management. This unit comes with a belt clip for easy on the go pain relief as you engage in your every day activities.

Electrode Pads

Extra electrode pads for electrical stimulation treatments, these are smaller 2x2 inch pads.

Stroke Recovery Workbook

A workbook to help with improving cognitive skills like memory, focus, and problem-solving difficulties after a stroke.

Dexterity Peg Board

A fine motor and gross motor coordination exercise tool to help improve reaching, grasping, and pinching items.


This has a mix of commonly used sleep agents. It contains ginseng and ashwagandha to help improve sleep quality and recovery.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega-3s Fish Oil can help new brain cells grow and is a great supplement to get started on to maximize your stroke recovery.


This supplement carries nutrients found in berries and spinach and has been reported to improve memory and lower the risk of stroke.

Grab Bars

An affordable and high-quality grab bar

Toilet Safety Frame

This is a free-standing frame that gives a way for you to push up from the toilet without the assistance of another person.

3-in-1 Commode

A 3-in-1 commode can be used over the toilet or placed near the bed to allow for safe and independent toileting.

Hemi Walker

A Hemi walker is helpful for a survivor who needs a mobility aid and who can not use a rolling walker due to lack of arm movement.

Bed Rail

A bed rail can provide a place for a survivor to grab on to to help with rolling and getting in/out of the bed.

Rollator Basket

A walker bag is very useful to avoid carrying items so that both hands can be on the walker for safety. This one is for a rollator.

Standard Rollator

An affordable rollator for stroke survivors with the use of both arms and fair balance who walks independently. Useful in the community.

Back Support Cushion

Back support cushion for the wheelchair for individuals who are in the wheelchair for many hours or who have weak core muscles.

Standard Wheelchair

A standard wheelchair is useful for survivors to sit up and safely get out of bed to do self-care and leisure activities.


Some of my patients love this device as it makes toileting very easy to do. It's easy to install and use.

Roho Cushion

This is the standard go to cushion the medical community uses for wound prevention as it uses air to keep you elevated.

Resistance Bands

Everyone needs a set of therapy resistance bands. These are good quality and have a variety of different resistances.

Brain Teaser

This will help with fine motor coordination, hand manipulation, and some cognitive problem-solving skills and planning.

1# Medicine Ball

A medicine ball can be used for bilateral arm training and for core strengthening at higher stroke levels.


MusicGlove is designed to gamify recovery and work towards improving fine motor coordination and pinching skills.

Exercise Mat

An exercise mat can be helpful for high-level stroke survivors to get onto the floor for advanced weight bearing and strengthening.

Exercise Bike

A leg bike is great for performing bilateral leg exercises and for improving circulation and lower body endurance.

6-Piece Strength Kit

Strengthen your wrists, improve the dexterity of your fingers and increase the strength your hands can apply while reducing fatigue.

Puzzles for Stroke

Some brain games for stroke survivors to improve cognition post-stroke.

12 Years After Stroke

This book is about a stroke survivor's journey to answer the question, "Why Me?"

500 Tips to Living Well

500 Tips for stroke survivors to help them live well post-stroke.

Kitchen Workstation

This tool help support your food as you are prepping for healthy meals.

Electric Jar Opener

An electric jar opener can be used with 1 hand and is a must have tool for stroke survivors.

Rocker Knife

A rocker knife lets you get leverage when using 1 hand to cut tough foods like meats.

Clamp On Peeler

Ideal for one-handed users. Has hardened blade fixed to the clamping device. Clamp adjustment: 3/8" to 2".

Long Handled Sponge

Make showering safer when you don't have to reach down to wash feet or backside when you have poor sitting balance.

Dressing Stick

Useful as an arm extension for dressing and other self-care tasks.

Citicoline Capsules

Our Citicoline is a must-have for optimal brain function! Clinical studies have shown that Citicoline supports healthy cognitive function, concentration, memory, focus, attention, alertness, and mental acuity.

Medical AFO

An AFO (ankle foot orthotic) can be useful to reduce foot drop and make it easier to walk. This is one is made out of soft plastic.

NEOFECT Foot Brace

An easy to wear and put on AFO for those with less spasticity/stiffness in their calf and helps keep their foot up during walking.

Derma-E Pain Rub

Topical pain relief cream using hemp seed and menthol to block topical pain signals.

In Motion Roller

Roll on hemp oil to make applying pain relief products easy and not messy. Easy to do with 1 hand.

Hempwest Hemp Oil

If pain prevents you from living - our pure hemp drops will reduce arthritis, shoulder pain, migraine and backache pain; pure daily hemp oil is a real pain killer for everyone.

Odeseana Pain Cream

A high-strength pain relief cream using hemp, turmeric, and aloe.

Posey Arm Rest

This arm rest supports a flaccid arm to reduce rotator cuff tear risk during shoulder subluxations and keeps arm in a safe spot.

Shoulder Roller

This roller can be used on a table or wall with both hands as a way to practice bilateral arm training and improve shoulder movement.

Fibee Soft Elbow Splint

4 LEVELS ADJUSTABLE, DAY AND NIGHT ELBOW SPLINT-- Fibee 4 levels adjustable, day and night elbow splint offers exceptional comfort while gently changing the wearer’s elbow posture during daily activities and sleep, preventing and relieving elbow contractures.

Body Help Shoulder Brace

Shoulder Brace Support for Women&Men with 2 Hot Cold Reusable Packs for Pain Relief - Left/Right Shoulder - Fits Most People

SaeboStim One Electrodes

Large and small Replacement Electrode Wings are interchangeable with the SaeboStim One controller. The ultra-thin rotating flexible Wings are fully adjustable which allows for unlimited electrode positioning. The Wings are made of a silver-treated conductive surface to provide an unmatched quality of stimulation.

Saebo Glove

A glove for those with difficulty opening hand. However, your hand must be able to be easily stretched straight for this to work.

Anti-Spasticity Ball Splint

Usable on both the right and left hand and should be used in individuals with severe muscle contractures or spasticity and is unable to open the hand more than half its range of motion.

SaeboStim Accessory Kit

An accessory kit with extra gloves for the SaeboStim Micro for sensory reintegration.

TENS Unit Pads 2x4"

Extra electrode pads for electrical stimulation treatments, these are larger 2x4 inch pads.

Belifu EMS + TENS

Electrical stimulation is a common modality used for stroke rehabilitation. It sends electrical impulses to your muscles causing them to contract and activating part of the damaged brain. This engagement is called neuroplasticity, the process the brain uses to rewire itself and heal from injuries like stroke.

iReliev TENS + EMS

TENS units a great for pain management; they work similarly to neuromuscular electrical stimulation machines but with less power.

Stroke Recovery Workbook

A workbook specifically targeted towards stroke survivors working on recovering from aphasia.