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Meet Evan

"Stroke Rehab at Home" is a resource run by me, Evan Dunlap, to help stroke survivors regain their lost independence and return to their previous lifestyles. 

Who is Evan Dunlap?

And what qualifies him to know this stuff?

I am a licensed and registered occupational therapist. I have been working as an occupational therapist for the last 5 years helping older adults regain their independence and return to their prior level of function. I have furthered my knowledge in stroke rehabilitation through taking many continuing education units. I also am in the process of becoming credentialed as a "Certified Neuro Specialist".

I specialize in lifestyle change and preventative services and my mission is to help people of all ages create healthier lifestyles and living environments to promote optimal health and wellness.


What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy helps people across the lifespan engage in the things they need to or want to do by using the therapeutic use of daily activities (occupations).

Occupational therapists work with people who are well and unwell, old and young, in hospitals and in their homes. We help people regain their independence in self-care, find ways to live independently in the home, and manage or maintain their health and medical conditions

In my personal experiences through working as an occupational therapist I have worked with thousands of patients. Every day I meet new people who have suffered from conditions like stroke, renal failure from diabetes, or extreme fatigue and edema from chronic heart failure.

How "Stroke Rehab at Home" Began

And why I do what I do?

I started Stroke Rehab at Home because I was tired of working with stroke survivors who had no idea what to do despite working with a number of therapists. It pains me to see people's lives destroyed by a stroke and it saddens me to hear them say they have given up.

Despite being so young, I too have suffered loss of independence and know what that feels like. Which is part of the reason I wanted to be an occupational therapist and why I am so passionate about helping prevent others from experiencing loss of independence too.

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