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In Home


Outpatient occupational therapy services in your home to restore arm & hand function.

Stuck Without Therapy?

Most stroke survivors are discharged from therapy Long before their recovery is complete. This is partly due to insurance running out or therapists discharging patients too early.

Unfortunately, most stroke survivors are not educated on the stages of stroke recovery or what the current evidence based treatments for their deficits are and struggle to make any progress on their own. 

I've got you covered.


My mission is to be the resource stroke survivors need.

Since I became an occupational therapist, I have noticed that stroke survivors are one of the most underserved populations in the rehab community.

Between insurance companies denying additional services to therapists treating with non-evidence based therapy interventions, to poor stroke recovery education available. The stroke population has little support in their recovery journey.

A few years ago, I decided to specialize in neuro rehabilitation to serve the stroke survivor population. Since then, I have furthered my education by becoming a "Certified Neuro Specialist" (CNS) and have started sharing what I have found in my education and own personal research on stroke recovery through my website and YouTube videos.

Arm & Hand

Up to 77% of stroke survivors experience some form of decline in their arm and hand after their stroke. We will work from your shoulder to your fingers to help you get your affected arm moving again.

cognitive rehab stroke


Around 58% of stroke survivors are left with residual cognitive impairments after their stroke. We can show you how to improve cognitive performance to help you improve your cognition.

life skills therapy after a stroke

Life Skills

Up to 60% of stroke survivors experience the need for assistance with self-care and home management tasks. Let's get you back to being independent with your every day tasks.

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"My mother lost many of her daily living skills after suffering a very traumatic stroke. Not only was Evan a highly skilled and insightful practitioner, but he had the kindness, encouragement, and empathy to balance all of this out. He had some very key strategies that she uses daily."

- Margo   

Start with a non-sales call

I always tell my clients, I am here for you. And that's a value I strive to withhold. This call is for me to get to know you and your needs and where I can share what I can do to help you. No sales. Just an honest conversation.

Starting outpatient in the home occupational therapy with Stroke Rehab at Home is easy.

If we are a good fit, then here's how to get started:

stroke therapy education

Schedule an Evaluation

Schedule a time for me to come to your house and complete the initial evaluation.

We Meet

In Person

We meet at your home to complete the initial evaluation to identify goals and get started with therapy.

Start Making Progress

Meet with me each week to upgrade your home program, complete therapy, to get you back to living your life.

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"Evan was such a significant part of my dad's recovery and he worked so wonderfully with him and our family. We are grateful he was able to help and would work with him again."

- Marlene  

Coaching Call


Getting therapy can be very beneficial but also very expensive. I have seen out of pocket expenses as high as $500 for evaluations and up to $200 per hour for treatment visits. 

I offer competitive pricing for outpatient in the home occupational therapy services. I can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance in an attempt to be refunded for partial to full amounts.

Online Stroke Therapy Evaluation


One 1.5-Hour

Evaluation Visit

In this 1.5 hour visit I'll assess what stage of stroke recovery you are in and we will create goals for your recovery and get started with therapy.

Initial Evaluation

Online Stroke Therapy


One 60-Minute

Follow Up Visit

A 1 hour visit with a stroke recovery specialist to educate and practice evidence based techniques in your home to restore arm & hand function.

Follow Up Visit

My Coverage Areas

I cover the Indianapolis and surrounding areas for outpatient in the home stroke rehabilitation therapy. If you have questions about a coverage area, book a call with us to discuss if we can provide services to your area.

Not in my coverage area? No problem! Click HERE to learn more about online stroke rehab coaching using video calls.

So, stop wondering if you are "doing the right exercises"

and start making Stroke Rehab at Home work for you.



at Home


Stroke Rehab at Home provides stroke rehabilitation education and services dedicated to serving stoke survivors with the best available evidence for recovery

stroke brain recovey




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