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Adaptive Living

Strategies for Independent Living

Living With A Disability

Unfortunately not everyone makes a complete recovery from a stroke. Many are left with some kind of disability after their stroke.

But most people who have a disability from their stroke can still live independently by using compensatory techniques, adaptive equipment, and home modifications to help fit their home environment to their physical abilities.

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Compensatory Techniques

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Just because you are used to doing a task like putting on a shirt one way doesn't mean that it isn't the only way to do it.


Compensatory techniques are strategies you can use to modify the task you are doing to match your physical abilities in order to complete the task you need to do.

Check out our YouTube Channel to watch free videos on how to live independently with a disability using compensatory techniques and adaptive equipment.

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Adaptive Equipment

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Adaptive equipment like reachers, button hooks, and rocker knives can modify self-care and home management tasks to make up for physical impairments and allow people to remain independent despite their disabilities.

Check out our resources page if you are curious about what kind of adaptive equipment is out there.

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Hit A Plateau in Your Recovery?

5 Strategies to Maximize Your Recovery

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Home Modifications

Most homes built before the American's with Disability Act of 1990 were built non-wheelchair accessible. This makes it difficult for someone with physical disabilities to move and engage in their home environment.  

A home safety and modification evaluation will evaluate your physical limitations and your home environment and provide you with modification suggestions to better fit your home to you and your abilities.

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